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Easy To Use Quick Setup Sign Up Now!

Terms of Use

a. Use of Service
Customer will be required to pre-pay for all usage. If Customer is approved for Service, Customer agrees not to resell the Service without the expressed written consent from us. Customer also agrees not to use Service for any unlawful or abusive purpose or in such a way as to create damage or risk to our business, reputation, employees, facilities, third parties or to the public in general. Customer has no proprietary or ownership rights to or interest in a specific phone number or phone numbers ("Number") assigned to you by us and the number is not portable to any other service provider. Customers who choose to use the Service outside the United States do so at their own risk.
b. Term
The term of the Service shall continue for as long as the subscriber continues to replenish their account for as many years thereafter as said subscriber decides to continue service. If Customer attempts to terminate Service prior to the end of the term, they will be responsible for all charges, including without limitation, unbilled charges, which immediately become due.
c. Unauthorized Usage or forwarding
Customer may not program the Number into any equipment or infrastructure in or on which the number is intended or used as the origination or destination of a communication other than the ring location that was authorized by us.
d. Billing and Payment of Charges
Customer is responsible for paying all charges posted to its account, including but not limited to, yearly Service, subscription fee, usage charges, advanced feature charges, and others. Charges, including disputed amounts, must be paid. We reserves the right to make each and every charge pre-paid to its subscribers. Subscribers are informed of this upon subscription.
e. Calls out of the designated facility will be back charged to the subscriber. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to inform the company of any changes of an inmate's facility location.
f. Credit Card Charges

If Customer pays by Credit Card, it authorizes us to collect such payments made through said credit card WITHOUT chargeback.

g.Canceling Services:

Customer is responsible to notify us of cancellation by written e-mail through "contact us page" on the website or in customer's account by creating a support ticket. Also customer can deactivate their account through customer panel to avoid recurring charges. If a customer does not take any those steps and once the the recurring charge has occured, the customer's account is not eligible for refund and any charges are valid. The customer may not claim any refund or process a chargeback through their credit card company. Doing so , the customer will be liable for any fees incurred by Sentel with the credit card processor.