Easy To Use Quick Setup Sign Up Now!
Easy To Use Quick Setup Sign Up Now!

How it Works

Sentel is not a call forwarding company; What Sentel does is to provide your family with a secondary line that is local to the inmate facility, for big savings each month!
1.  Set up an account with us and receive your local phone number (normally in 24 hours or less) for the chosen facility.
2.  Provide the local number as your correctional facilities pre-paid call provider.This will make your long-distance calls cost 50%-80% less. Federal Inmates do not require a pre-paid call provider.
3.  Your inmate can now dial the number provided to you by us to call out from their correctional facility.When they call it, your phone will ring.
4.  By calling the phone number we provide, the inmate will connect directly to any active home, work or cell phone number you wish. There is no extra equipment or alteration to your existing line.Connect our service to your cell phone so you can go about your day and not miss any inmate telephone calls.    
5.  You receive the call as you did before to your existing phone and phone number.Simply pick up the phone and start saving.