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Why do I need Sentel Inmate Call Service?

Long distance collect calls from an inmate can be very expensive.  Unless you have a number that is local to the jail or prison, you will be charged a lot of money to receive inmate phone calls.  Using our local number you can eliminate the long distance portion of the call and talk to your inmate for the local rate.  That means you can talk longer with the money you are now spending.


How long will it take to get my new local Number?

It will take about 24 to 48 business hours to provide you with your new local number

What If I need to talk more than 300mns of talk time for the Monthly Plans?

You can add as many additonal minutes to your calling plan as you would like for just $0.05 per minute.  If you are adding minutes to your account between renewals we require a $10.00 minimum transaction.

Do you issue a new local number if the Inmate is transferred to a different Facility?

Just contact us when your inmate arrives at the new correctional facility and we will gladly provide you with new local numbers instantly.  All new lines are transferred at a cost of $2.00 each.  If a local number cannot be provided to save you money then we will discontinue your service . Just Make sure not to add funds prior to the transfer to your account because we will not issue refunds for payments processed.

What if there is a Number Change?

We will change any destination number with a $2.00 fee for each number

If I use your service, does the inmate will still need to pay any fees from the Prison?

1. For Federal Facilities

The inmate will need to pay 6 cents per minute using the funds from the Inmate Commissary Account

2. For State Prisons and County Jails

Unfortunately, each jail and prison has a contract with the company that provides telephone service to their facility. These companies include PCS, Paytel, Global Tel Link, Securus and Value Added Commmunications just to name a few.  There is no way around them so taking advantage of their local rate is the next best option.  We help you to use their service for less money by making every call a local call.For our service to work, once we issue the local number to you, you will have to call the contracted telephone call provider and give them the new local number as your phone number and set up an account with them as well. Otherwise our service will not work

What is Sentel Inmate Call relationship with the Prepaid Jail Call Providers?

Sentel has no relationship with the Jail call providers(Global tel, Securus, Pcs). They have  exclusive rights to provide phone service at the Correctional facilities. They reserve the right to allow our local Numbers to go through their network.  We work independently to make their service cheaper.

What Jails and Prisons do we serve?

Sentel service will work with any correctional facility where a local Number is needed to make calls cheaper. It is the responsibility of the customer prior to sign up to determine if a local number is needed. After sign up and once we issue a local number to the area where the correctional facility is located, there will be no refund even if the number is not used. However if you decide to cancel prior we issue a local fund, then we will refund you the full amount.