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Sentel is a local Phone Number Provider and Domestic and International Call terminator. Our service can be used by anyone wishing to obtain a local Number in an area different from their local calling area. Inmates use our service to get a local number in the area where they are incarcerated. This saves them money on their calls because the rates charged to them by the Jail Phone contracted Provider is different if the inmate is calling locally versus nationally or Internationally.  What Sentel does is to help the inmate gets a local number to use so he can pay the jail call provider the rate that the company charges for local call and pay us our service fee to terminate the call to the desired destination. Our termination charges vary according to the destination number.

However Sentel is not affiliated with the Prison Facilities or the contracted Jail Call Providers. We are not responsible if the inmate cannot use our serviced due to restrictions imposed by the Facility or the contracted Jail Call Provider. It is the responsibility of the inmate and their family to find out if our service can be used or not. It is at the risk or the sole discretion of the inmate and their family to use the service. Again we only provide local numbers and terminate calls directed to our network to the ending destination.  When a person signs up our service, they agree to those terms. We are not liable for any inconveniences or damages resulting from using our service. We do not provide any refunds once we fulfilled the terms of the service or contract that we provide.



Each jail and prison across the country is contracted with a telephone service provider for inmate calling. Unfortunately, there is only one option at each correctional facility but that does not mean that you have to be stuck paying the ridiculous long distance fees that they charge for long distance inmate calls.  Why not take advantage of their local rates?

Sentel Inmate Call helps you do just that!  We save you money by providing a local number for the inmate to call.  We then connect the local number to your long distance line.

When you set up the prepaid account with the prison or jail telephone service provider, you simply give them the new local number that we have issued you as your new home number.  This allows you to take advantage of a local fee instead of paying the much more expensive long distance rate!  Our service can pay for itself on the first call!

By calling the telephone number that we issue, the inmate will connect directly to any active home, work, or cell phone number that you choose. There is no extra equipment or alteration to your existing line.

Connect our service to your cell phone so you can go about your day and not miss any inmate telephone calls.  With Sentel Inmate Call, there will be no more having to wait at home for your loved one's jail or prison phone calls.

1. Contact us and we will provide you with a local number for the inmate to call.

2. Call the telephone service provider for the jail or prison where the inmate is located to set up your prepaid collect call account, as usual, using the number we have issued you.  If the inmate can make prepaid collect calls using a debit account, or an inmate calling card, skip this step.

3. Have the inmate call the phone number we have issued.

4. Receive calls from jail or prison as usual only at a much cheaper price.